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Coming from the Greek word "diptych" /dip-tik/ which means two artworks hinged together, Diptyc is the Philippines' first exclusive online dating community for likeminded fun and driven single professionals. Now it's time to find your other half. 4 things you should know about Ditpyc:
1. We have to admit our sign up is a little tedious -- but we promise you that it plays a huge role for our existing member to get to know you and for them to vote and screen your profile! (Plus, it's only 140 characters -- we think your match deserves more than a tweet!)
2. On Diptyc, we don't think photos are enough -- we want to get to know you more. Never run things to talk about by reading people's profiles, their Opinions, and what they did Last Night (you'll thank us for taking the time to fill it up). So whether you meet your future friend, travel buddy, business partner, or that special someone on Diptyc -- we promise you, you never have to date a complete stranger again.
3. Once you're in, it's easier to find you match by filtering based on age, location, height, preferences, etc.
4. Skip the boring coffee dates -- with Diptyc, suggest date ideas on "Why Don't We".
To get the full experience of Diptyc, you can also check out!